A beautiful bunch of dried goodies - white straw flowers amongst eucalyptus, bleached ruscus and phalaris, billy buttons, pampas and palm leaf. Perfect to add some subtle funk to a room.

Size pictured: middley

Boho Babe

  • All dried flower bouquets will be sent by our super duper courier in our British made sustainable boxes

    1. Firstly, (and I don't know who needs to hear this) but dried flowers don't need water... 
    2. Try to keep them out of direct, harsh sunlight - the rays from up there will cause the blooms to fade.
    3. They won't like to be outside - the damp will make them soggy. Even worse - mouldy!
    4. If you do these little things, your bright blooms could last up to a year.
    5. Love them and love yourself, cos you're great.

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